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Sewage Cleanup Services in Toronto

Sewage build up if left unchecked can cause severe health hazards. That is why we at Flooded Basement Toronto, offer you sewage back-up and clean-up services in Toronto. We also offer regular inspections to check your sewer system to keep it free from any obstructions.

If you ever suspect a problem in your sewer line, which may be caused due to irregular pipes or a structural interference that has caused a backup of the sewage,and so on…don’t hesitate to call us. Our Sewage back-up and clean-up team are available 24/7 and ready to attend your call at a moments notice.

Not only does the sewage cause stench, it also poses a threat to life if it accidentally seeps into another source of clean water. It is important to nip the problem at the bud and see that it doesn’t contaminate good water.

Sewage Back-up and Sewage Clean-up

Our sewage back-up team first investigates the primary cause of the problem and gauge what exactly needs to be done to decontaminate and fix the issue. The team uses hi-tech thermal imaging equipments to check the extent to which the damage has been done. After analyzing what needs to be done, they get to work and after the sewage backup work is done, they start the sewage clean-up process.

In the sewage clean-up process, the team mop the floor and remove the remaining spill via a wet vacuum cleaner. After this step, they use disinfectants and dehumidifiers to eliminate the growth of bacteria on the establishment structure or any personal belongings.