Fire & Smoke Damage Repair in Toronto

If a fire is not put out in the first few minutes, it can ravage everything in its path and nothing can stand in its way. That is why it is important to control the fire and extinguish it at the earliest. Fire and smoke damage the interior of a building and destroys the structure. [...] Continue reading

Flood Damage Restoration Services Toronto

Been in a Flood Damage situation in Toronto where your house or business establishment has been flooded because of a torrential thunderstorm or any other natural disaster and you’re looking for flood damage restoration services professionals in Toronto who would be able to help you? Your prayers have been answered. Restoration of Your Property Flooded basement Toronto, a Toronto flood…

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Flood Services in Toronto

A sudden thunderstorm or a snowstorm can throw everybody’s life in disarray. The aftermath of which leaves everyone in a state of confusion. Flooded Basement Toronto, a Toronto flood services based company has answers to all your flooding problems. Flooding can be because of a lot of reasons – a burst pipe, water seepage into [...] Continue reading

Sewage Cleanup Services in Toronto

Sewage build up if left unchecked can cause severe health hazards. That is why we at Flooded Basement Toronto, offer you sewage back-up and clean-up services in Toronto. We also offer regular inspections to check your sewer system to keep it free from any obstructions. If you ever suspect a problem in your sewer line, [...] Continue reading

Water Damage Repair & Restoration

If your area is prone to water damage it is essential for you to have the phone number of a water damage specialist who can immediately assist you in fixing what was damaged. Flooded Basement Toronto, a Toronto based water damage firm which specializes in water damage clean-up and water damage repair & restoration has [...] Continue reading

Water Damage Restoration Services in Toronto

Natural calamities such as heavy rainfall, rainstorms, floods, blizzards, and so on cause a lot of damage to the surroundings and also to lives. Flooded Basement Toronto, a water damage restoration services company know the risks involved due to water damage and for this a 24/7 water damage restoration services professional team is always ready [...] Continue reading

Water Extraction Services in Toronto

Water flooded your house or business establishment because of a faulty pipe, after the snow getting thawed, or because of a heavy rainstorm, all this creates a havoc in your life and will surely bring a frown on your face. We at Flooded Basement Toronto will turn your frown into happiness. We understand the pain [...] Continue reading