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Water Damage Repair & Restoration

If your area is prone to water damage it is essential for you to have the phone
number of a water damage specialist who can immediately assist you in fixing what
was damaged.

Flood Doctor, a Toronto based water damage firm which specializes in water
damage clean-up and water damage repair & restoration has a team of specialists
who are available round-the-clock 24/7 to aid you.

Steps to Restore Your Property

Our water damage clean-up team are trained in handling such situations, they would
first, assess the situation and formulate a strategy before they set to work in
extracting water from the affected vicinity with hi-tech gear. The first step is to start
extracting the water and dry the floor at the earliest to avoid any damp spots which
can cause structural damage. The next step is water damage repair in which our
team would take down the section that was damaged (if needed) and remodel it
according to your desire, otherwise, they would repair and renovate the part of the
structure and contents which were previously damaged.

Once the water damage repair & restoration is done, the team would advise you on
how to mitigate any further water damage to your property and even give you tips on
how to safeguard yourself and how to seal proof any items that are perishable or
which can easily be affected by mold.