Fire & Smoke Damage Repair in Toronto

If a fire is not put out in the first few minutes, it can ravage everything in its path and nothing can stand in its way. That is why it is important to control the fire and extinguish it at the earliest.

Fire and smoke damage the interior of a building and destroys the structure. Not only this, the smoke and residue left behind can be hazardous to the health of any individual and must be cleaned immediately.

What we do

We at Flooded Basement Toronto, a Fire and Smoke Damage Repair Company in Toronto will not only contain the fire but also help you in repairing the damages caused by the raging inferno and clean your premises.

We understand the pain you would have gone through and are there to help you.

Our team of certified fire and smoke damage repair professionals is always ready 24/7 and can be quickly called into service. They would first begin by assessing the situation and get to work.

Our team of qualified fire and smoke damage repair experts always comes prepared with all the required hi-tech equipment and necessary gear to facilitate inefficient clean-up. They would help you in relocating the contents from your house or business and once that is cleared, they would start the cleaning work.

Since the soot deposit and fumes left behind after the fire can cause breathing problems if inhaled, the team makes sure that they clean every crevice and corner to decontaminate the affected area. After that is done, the team uses deodorizers to cleanse the location.

The team will help to reorganize the establishment, so as to prevent another fire incident. They will also educate you on how to prevent fires and how to save contents before they get destroyed.

We consider a job well done when we see a smile on the faces of our satisfied customers.

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